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David Jones - registered psychotherapist in Canberra
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David Jones

The Karuna Centre

I am a registered clinical family therapist with over twenty five years of experience. My approach to therapy emphasizes understanding the context in which people are experiencing difficulties in their lives, taking into account things such significant relationships , personal and family history, parenting and children, gender, work, ethnicity, health, sexuality, and religion. My work with people has been informed by Couple and Family Therapy, in particular Narrative Therapy, and to this end I have undertaken regular professional development in Australia, New Zealand and the United States with leading therapists in the field. Since 2002 I have undertaken regular training with Johnella Bird, and in more recent years, regular Skype supervision.

By now there is considerable evidence that the client/therapist relationship is the most important factor in determining the outcome of therapy. I have taken this evidence seriously and a central focus of my work since 2002 has been to develop and strengthen the relationships I build with the people who consult me for therapy.

This means I aim to ensure that:
• Each person/couple/family has an experience of being respected and understood in terms of their unique and specific circumstances
• The direction of the therapeutic conversation is relevant and constructive for all involved
• Practical strategies which may make a difference to day to day living are developed and explored with the individual/couple/family
• The outcomes of these strategies are refined and further developed in consultation with the individual/couple/family
• People’s experience of the therapeutic relationship and process is talked about where appropriate
• The frequency and number of sessions is suitable for those involved

Areas of interest/specialisation:
• Relationship therapy for individuals, couples and families
• Working with people to address the effects of trauma in their lives resulting from violence and/or sexual abuse
• Working with people who have experienced long standing difficulties in life

My professional experience has included:
• Three years working at Watson Hostel (a psychiatric unit) from 1981 - 1984
• Working as a relationship counsellor since 1989, including 13yrs as an employee of Relationships Australia
• Managing two violence prevention programs with Relationships Australia and then Corrective Services ACT - 3yrs
• Managing the Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault - 1 year
• Independent practice at the Karuna Centre since 2003
• Working as a provider for Victim Services ACT since 2005
• Lecturing and tutoring at The University of Canberra, Signadou Catholic University and the University of Sydney
• Training and supervising professionals in the field

I am a clinical member of the Australian Association of Family Therapy Inc.

David sees his clients at 1st Floor, 10/10 Kennedy St, Kingston, Canberra 2604 Map

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