Confidentiality goes hand in hand with our commitment to working collaboratively. You decide who is involved in, or consulted about, the issues brought to counselling. We discuss these issues with you at the first session and continuously throughout the helping process. For instance, if a referral agency or person requires a report, we will consult with you (the client) about this report and how it will be written. We will always try to write reports in collaboration with you.

As far as confidentiality is concerned, we know how important this is to the process of counselling and we will take every step to ensure that it is respected. However, if the problems involve issues of child protection, we are bound by a duty of care. This also applies to family violence or suicide, where someone may be exposed to immediate harm. In these situations we do notify the appropriate people but wherever possible we try to discuss notification with our clients and involve them in the process.

Additionally, all practitioners are required as a minimum professional standard to undertake regular supervision/consultation about the work they are doing. The supervision/consultation process is also confidential.